Do You Have A Good Medical Transcription Resume?

I know you have a medical transcription resume (if you are a medical transcriptionist, of course!). But do you have a GOOD resume? How do you know it’s good? Well, if your resume attracts interview calls for jobs, it is good. Your resume makes that first impression for you, and it has to make a good, lasting one. How do you ensure that? Here are a few resume-making tips you can use.

  • Make use of a standard resume template that comes with your word processor. Starting a resume from scratch does not give it the professional look.

  • Your resume should include detailed information on your education, your skills and achievements of any kind. Your achievements help your potential employer understand your capability.

  • If you have medical transcription experience, mention in detail the kind of work you have done.

  • Provide current and accurate details of your references. Make sure you inform these people that you have added them as your references.

  • Make it a point to mention all the languages you know. If English is the only language you know, don’t mention it specifically.

Now, once you have put all the necessary information in your resume, perform the following checks:

  • Perform the spelling and grammar checks facilitated by your word processor.

  • Perform manual spelling and grammar checks.

  • Review the resume thoroughly and make sure every bit of information in it is accurate.

  • Verify the contact details of your references.

  • Make sure your contact details are correct.

Once you are sure the resume is good to go, ask someone else to review your resume. Another perspective helps find the obvious errors that you may have missed.


Health Benefits of Magnesium. (Part II)

In this post I am going to continue explaining the benefits of magnesium has on our overall health.  Magnesium is one of the most important mineral used in our clinic to help patinets lose weight and get healthy.  Since magnesium plays big role in our muscle health, I will explain why you need to supplement more magnesium if you are an athlete.  Most athletes will use more energy and will have more muscle usage than normal person in society. Reason we are considered the Best Weight Loss Program in Nashville is because no other clinic looks at magnesium as important mineral.  At our Lose Fat Nashville clinic, the first thing we do is detail nutritional testing.

In muscle, magnesium helps metabolism activation for enery by activating the enzyme known as ATPases.  Athlete could be training the best way possible, also eating the best foods on planet but if he is lacking magnesium his body will not make any gains.  Lack of magnesium could actually cause althetes performance go down because they will burn up muscle for energy rather than build muscle or metabolis the food for energy.  Because if ATPases are not activated then body won't make any ATP for energy therefor lack of energy will decrease athlete's body function.  Let me share you a story of young high school athlete who came to my office 4 years ago. He was freshman in high school with great basketball talent.  After his junior year in college he went thru alot of growth but his doctors or coaches were not able to recognized his body was lacking magnesium.  By end of his junior year he was tired of playing basketball and wanted to quit.  Once he came to our office with his parents, we started supplementing magnesium into his daily life and with in 2 months he was gaining more muscle mass and getting stronger and faster.  So it is very important for athlete to supplement magnesium.

What New Pet Owners Should Look For When Purchasing Dog Food

If you have recently introduced a new dog into your family, it is important that it not only gets plenty of exercise and interaction with your family, but that it is also fed a nutritious balanced meal.  There are a lot of dog food brands on the market, and not all are created equal, for instance some dog food formulas actually used discarded meat and cut up animal parts and bone.  Other dog food brands like Acana Dog Food include plenty of protein from chicken and cattle, but don't necessarily include all the fresh produce and fruits you would expect from a premium brand of dog food.  Even worse, brands like beneful dog food, which is highly marketed on television and in the supermarket, includes no fruits or vegetables in their formula.  So when shopping for a balanced dog food for your new pet, you have to consider not only price, but also the ingredients that go into the formula.

Additionally, you should consider any extra protein rich or unique foods that the dog food may contain.  For example, Addiction Dog Food is a New Zealand brand of dog food, which uses locally sustainable meats and fish in their formula, that you will not find in other brands.  When you consider the fact that Addiction Dog Food uses locally caught salmon in their formula, and compare that to another dog food formula, that gets their protein from corn, it's an easy choice for most pet owners, which brand of dog food to buy.  However, if you were not aware of the vast differences in pet formulas, you likely would overlook the major differences between dog food brands and just assume that all dog food is the same.  Additionally, you should consider the differences between canned and dry dog food, as generally canned dog foods are higher in protein and fresher ingredients.  For new puppy owners especially, starting your dog off on canned dog food and then transitioning to dry dog food, can make a lot of sense.

Caulking is as important as a paint job

caulking contractorA professional paint job envelopes the home or building in a protective sheathing that is an effective barrier against the elements. These elements include insects, mold and fungi. This is only possible if the job comes with a proficient caulking job. When this part of the job is not done well, homeowners may think that they need to hire a caulking contractor to replace the decaying and aesthetically displeasing caulk job. This occurs because of an ineffective application of caulking during the paint job robs the home of its protective barrier. Decay will prematurely begin in these areas and become unsightly first. If not cared for at this point, the absence of a good caulking job could very quickly cause the paint barrier to degrade to the point of necessitating a re-paint.


These repaints are as expensive as a regular paint job, and the expense of upkeep on the building becomes much more expensive over the life of the home because of the frequency of the necessary repaints or damage that is caused of the lack of maintenance. Paint jobs combined with the appropriate application of caulking seals the home entirely from the elements and is an inexpensive long-lasting measure in preventing any issues of this type. However, a caulking contractor is not necessary because proficient paint companies understand the necessity of applying the proper caulking to the exterior and interior surfaces. This caulking also prevents breaching from insects and the mold problems that come from their contact with the interior. 

Hard Money Lenders – How They Can Help You

Many real estate investors rely on hard money lenders for their source of funds. But if you approach the wrong lender, it can be hard to get the finance for various real estate investments.

The best hard money lenders are those who give you the money you want as soon as possible because sometimes you will lose out on many potentially lucrative deals if the lender takes too long to disburse the loan.

This can be simple for you if you fully understand your current business model and you will also able to work with the right lender that helps investors just like you. For more help, you can contact Texas Hard Money Lenders.

But you should inquire the lender background. You should also investigate whether the lender has any hidden fees and charges. Make sure the lender you choose is easy to work with. You may have to contact the lender frequently and if the lender is not friendly and understanding, it will be difficult for you.

You need to read through whole terms and conditions carefully and clarify doubts if you have any before making a final decision. Do not make a decision in hurry. You need to evaluate the loan interest rate and check whether it is affordable to you or not. Take your decision very carefully because you are at the risk of losing your property if you fail to make the monthly payments in time.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys handle all types of family issues such as prenuptial agreements, marriage, divorce, legal separation, alimony, division of the property accumulated during the marriage and etc.

Family issues can be very upsetting & distressing, a family lawyer can assist you find the appropriate solution for your problems.

Anyone who’s going through tough times like this really gets depressed, sad and feels like he is alone. Nevertheless, you do not need to pass this way alone because you can obtain a lawyer which is as well, a counsellor. Therefore, you cannot only use them during the trial but in addition in times when you really need to talk to someone. Under the law, a family lawyer is authorized to counsel their clients before buying enough the case is going on. You canĀ search fathers rights attorneys Los Angeles at

The family lawyer we have to hire should be very competitive in terms of legal family issues. Let us take a peek on how can we discover the perfect lawyer that will solve our legal concerns.

First, look into the list of lawyers in your area and take note of the people you heard are good family lawyers. Second, have a background check into all the lawyers with your list so that you’ll have a better idea about the skill sets and skills of the actual lawyers.

Where NHS Complaints are filed?

A doctor comes first in our thoughts whenever we or any of our family members gets ill. We blindly trust doctors when it comes to our treatment. A patient pays his/her hard earned money and then avails treatment, he/she in return just expects good assistance from the practitioner or the hospital faculty which can give the patient a fast recovery from the illness or injury that he/she is been suffering from. For handling a large number of patients at a particular place, a health care association was established at a larger scale named as NHS. NHS stands for (National Health Service) that runs on the funds generated from government taxation. There is quite wider spectrum of knowledge that one can avail about NHS from websites. One such website from where you can get to know about NHS Complaints is

Every NHS department has its own separate complaint department where the patient can register his/her complaint for further legal proceedings of the case.  Once you have registered a complaint, don’t forget to keep one copy of the registered complaint, so that it can be used as evidence which will be helpful at the time of hearing of the case. If the complaint of the patient is not dealt with concern and attention then the patient can even go to higher authority.

Which Type of Vending Machine is Right for You

When you want to buy vending machines, you have to be careful of what you're buying. For example, if you buy a vending machine which is in a bad condition, then it will fail to generate many profits. So it is necessary to start with some basic factors to consider if you want to get a vending machine which is right for you.

First things first, you ought to be focused on what kinds of vending machines you are going to purchase. In fact, it cannot be decided randomly, instead, you have to make a research on the vending market if you want to choose a kind of machine which is preferred by people very much. Therefore, please make an investigation on the taste of your potential customers.

Secondly, the vending machines are also available in different shapes, sizes and colors. So is the bigger one or smaller one more suitable for you? Is the red one or yellow one better for you? In this part, you had better consider the location of your vending machines and the need of your customers.

Thirdly, once you have clearly known the above two aspects, it is time to buy vending machines on the market. When you are looking for specific product based vending machines, you must get the list and quote from the different vending machine makers. By doing so, you are more likely to get vending machines at cheaper prices.

Fourthly, before you pay for the vending machines, you should also ask the seller about the after sales service. Why should you focus on this part? The reason is that if things go wrong or if you need maintenance for your machine you may require a reliable and efficient service.

In short, when you buy vending machines, please not hand over your hard-earned money until you have already analyzed all the factors listed in the above paragraphs. 

Why you need to visit Victoria BC, Canada

Are you looking to go on holiday to Victoria BC, Canada and you are wondering what are some of the sites that can make your holiday a special one? Or perhaps you want to know which of the hotels could offer you good accommodation when in the area. Well, through this article we will explain to you about the really beautiful and breathtaking sites that you have to make sure you visit while there and we will also explain to you which are some of the top hotels around the area that offer warm romantic accommodation. 

The Royal BC Museum

This one of the places you have to visit when you are in Victoria. The museum has a lot of educative and amazing artifacts that are very interesting to watch. The films, displays and artifacts are very well grouped to make sure everyone can relate to from the children as young as 7 years old to adults and grandparents of even 100 years old. 

Inner Harbor 

If you love taking photos and you are looking for a good background the Inner Harbor is that place you must visit. The heritage buildings, pubs, street performance, incredible sunset are among the features that will make your experience at this place interesting. You are even taken on a short trip round the place in a boat! 

Beacons Hill Park

The Beacons hill park is really big and will offer you a very good walking exercise while at the same time enjoying the site. You can also hire a bike to help you cover more space and reach the high hills that are found here. You will come across nice bridges, lovely duck families, experience an interesting bird-life and be able to see and touch some of the beautiful trees that are found here. 

The above three site are among the best places that you have to visit but they are not all that is there to see in Victoria BC. There are also other places you could visit while in the area like Kayaking and Canoeing, the historic BC Legislature Building, Scenic Marine Route among many more. 

There are also really good hotels in Victoria BC that will offer you just the right accommodation that you are looking for whether you are alone or with your family. Some of these recommended hotels include the Ramanda Hotel, The Fairmount Empress, Hotel Grand Pacific, Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa and Oak Bay Beach Hotel among others. These hotels will offer you reasonable prices, good entertainment, calm and romantic environment and very delicious dishes. 

With the above information I now trust that you know why you really need to visit the Victoria BC. There is a lot of interesting stuff to do there and the sites there will give you a memorable experience. Make your journey there now and you can be assured that you will be really impressed by the place. 

How to File a Road Accident Claim?

Getting involved in a road accident is every driver’s worst nightmare. Road accidents might cause damage, injury and they are the reason why thousands of people die every year. A car accident may have severe effects on your wellbeing, finance and life. One way of trying to ease the aftermath of an accident is to file a road accident claim. This article will explain how a road accident claim may help you to get compensation for the loss that you have suffered. If you have been in a road accident recently, get help for car accident injury claims via


In 2010 there are 208, 655 reported road casualties in England. Being involved in an accident is usually a traumatic and upsetting experience. Unfortunately the devastating effects of being involved in a vehicle accident don’t stop at the scene in the accident.

Many people involved in vehicle accidents struggle to begin life due to injury or maybe financial troubles. Many people rely on their vehicle to obtain on with life, if it can be damaged or written off subsequently life’s routine can literally grind into a halt. If injured in a vehicle accident the consequences can be existence changing. Being unable to return to work due to injury can’t only affect ones mental steadiness, but the loss of revenue can add serious financial anxiety.

If you have been injured within an accident that was not your fault then you have entitlement to make a road accident assert. Making a claim can help ease the tension, anxiety and financial struggles write-up road accident.